Show some love...

Some simple ideas to get you started raising money.

Compete for Cambodia »
Any sport you like, make an event of it.

Cupcakes for Cambodia »
A tasty way to raise money in schools. Bake yourselves or decorate plain buns with little ones.

Cookies for Cambodia »
A quicker tasty option to help raise funds. Again you could simply decorate them if you do not have access to a kitchen. Be creative!

Carrier's for Cambodia »
Bag packing at your local supermarket can be a good way to get noticed for doing something good in your community.

Caps for Cambodia »
One Friday let all the students wear their favourite hats for a small donation ...they could even make some earlier in the week as a competition. We would love some photos if you try this one!

Coins for Cambodia »
Simply a box that students can put bits of loose change in week by week. Maybe they could get a raffle ticket every time they do. At the end of the term pick a winner!

Calendars for Cambodia »
The children can pick a theme and make them, creative, fun and educational at any level!

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