How It All Started...
(By Emma Logan, Founder of the LoveCambodia Charity)

Hi, my name is Emma, I’m 25, from England and I just want to do my best to make a difference in people’s lives. It can seem like a sad crazy world at times, LOVE is our only chance to change it.

Whilst back-packing in 2009 I came across a run-down metal shack. The children we now care for were living in this shack and scarcely surviving on the little rice they could buy and the occasional snake or fish that they could catch. Most of the children were orphaned, the others abandoned. All ‘living’ dangerously below the poverty line.

I knew I had to return to them as soon as I could, as equipped as possible to begin making a difference to their lives.

I gave up everything I had back home to go and be with these children and to do what I could. I love and miss my own family, but knew if I don’t go and help, no-one else would, no-one would even know about them.

Support rapidly came together and we worked with the little we had to build the children a strong shelter;
somewhere they could call home. I began to provide food and get them the medical care they needed. With help from all the right people I also built the orphans a classroom and began to teach them.

I could not have waited a moment longer to start responding to their desperate need for care. The day after arriving back we began to dig holes for foundations. This may have seemed like a crazy thing to do, but
if you do not start, how can something begin?

My little brother volunteered for the first month, designing and building their home, he is now very much missed by the children. People appeared from seemingly nowhere and began to help us build. The day to day provision has been miraculous; everyone and everything arriving the moment it is needed.

The orphanage came to life, the children could see they are not forgotten, they are loved and they are cared for.

The charity is growing because people care and are going out their way to do things that make a difference. It is all too easy to get consumed by our own lives and not realise the life saving difference we can make to others less fortunate. There are so many awesome inspiring people, going out their way, breaking the mould and finding ways to support.

Heading out to live in Cambodia is the most challenging thing I have ever done, however, nothing has ever been placed so strongly on my heart. Following what seemed like madness to most, love shone through and miraculous provisions took place. More people are aware and getting involved.
Lives are being saved and transformed because people care. Thanks to people like you, more orphans and vulnerable children will be saved from poverty and protected from the horrors of trafficking.

There is Love and Hope for them !

There are so many forgotten corners in this world, many we will never know about, but the ones we find we must bring hope to and make a difference for.

If you are a reading this please know that you have found the opportunity to directly improve the life chances of these children.


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